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Bee-related Educational Websites

There are many websites that include honeybee educational material. Listed below are a few we found to be very good.

Bees are Amazing!
Be sure to explore this site. There’s an abundance of information about honeybees and other types of bees. You’ll find lots of educational resources and materials.

Bee-themed Educational Resources and Downloads
This webpage is part of the above website. It includes activity sheets and more that are suitable for children of all ages (take note, teachers!). The sheets are free to download.

National Honey Board Educational Materials
The National Honey Board creates and makes available many brochures, informational sheets, cookbooks, posters, etc. These are made available at our cost to members of the Honey Industry for them to use in educating and informing their consumers… – Your Resource for Bees
The goal of this website is to “spread knowledge that helps you support your local bee and pollinator population.” Here you’ll find bee facts and information about beekeeping and honey & beeswax. There’s also a link to ask an expert!

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