TBoI Membership

Did you know that out of every 3-4 bites of food you take, honeybees are responsible for one of them? Honeybees are pollinators. They are very important to our food supply. But, bee colonies around the world are at risk and need our help.

What can YOU do to help protect honeybees? YOU can become a beekeeper!

In addition to TBoI, there are many TBoI-affiliated local beekeeping clubs throughout the state. In other words, there’s no shortage of fellow beekeepers who want you to be successful and are happy to help!

Why Join TBoI?

Becoming a member of TBoI yields many tangible and intangible benefits. As a full TBoI member, you…

    • May attend world-class learning programs and training led by prominent and expert speakers at a reduced fee
    • Have access to current beekeeping tips, best practices, trends, bee health/diseases, new regulations and groundbreaking research
    • Can network with TBoI members and through their local clubs to grow their skills
    • Have the benefit of beekeeping representation in Indiana and nationwide (e.g., policy setting to protect beekeepers)
    • Will receive quarterly newsletters from TBoI
    • Have the support of and/or participate in pollinator programs
    • May work at the TBoI booth at the Indiana State Fair to raise money to support your local club (workers receive a free ticket to the Fair) and sell your honey
    • Can ask to be included on the following lists on the TBoI website
      – Swarm contact list
      – Cutout contact list
      – Local honey contact list
    • Participate in a community of over 2,000 Indiana beekeepers who are working every day to promote beekeeping and protect honeybees in Indiana
    • Have access to national beekeeping organizations through TBoI’s membership in and support in these organizations
    • May participate in the Young Beekeepers Award and/or the Jump Starter Program

TBoI Membership

The TBoI By Laws provide for two (2) classes of membership. This is different from the membership categories (e.g., individual, family and lifetime).

  • Full (voting) – Full members have all the duties and rights of membership.
  • Affiliate (non-voting) – Affiliate members have limited rights in that they are not entitled to vote at membership meetings, nor may they serve on the Board of Directors. Affiliate memberships are available to businesses, nonprofits, universities and other institutions that wish to support, and whose interests align with, TBoI.

Additional Membership Information
Family membership
is for two adults and their children (15 and under) who reside in the same household regardless of last name.

A family LIFE membership consists of 2 adults living in the same household. The membership is for the named adults and is not transferable. Should one of the adults move, the membership stays with the current address and will revert to an individual membership.

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