Purdue Field Day

Purdue Field Day gives participants a chance to get “in the hives” for some quality hands-on training. This year’s event will be held Saturday, June 15, at the Beck Agricultural Center located at 4550 US 52, West Lafayette, IN 47906. This location provides us with an indoor area for eating, and if (as in 2021) the weather turns bad or it gets really hot, we will all be comfortable indoors!

Required equipment
: Purdue Research Lab will again have hives available for the hive sessions. Everyone will be required to wear a beekeeper’s hat and veil at a minimum for this hands-on event.

Agenda for the 2024 Purdue Field Day.

The cost for this year’s event is $35.00, which includes lunch. Registration will close on June 8. Those who miss the registration deadline may attend the event as a walk-in (i.e., bring your own lunch or lunch on your own).

If you have questions about Purdue Field Day, please email Dan Griffith (griffithhoneybees@yahoo.com) or call/text him (260.901.9936). Click here to Register online for PURDUE FIELD DAY (skip the Memberships step if you are already a member).

If you prefer to mail the printed form and payment as indicated on the form, use the printable registration form.

What you need to know…

1. Bring a 4 oz. sample for each honey you want to enter into the contest. Contest participants must be registered to attend Purdue Field Day.
2. Contestants will transfer their honey to a black jar (provided) to be judged. Your sample will not be returned.
3. Honey entered into the contest must be 100% unadulterated Indiana honey.
4. The honey will be judged for taste only.
5. Purdue will test each sample to determine the pollen types in your honey sample(s). Participants will receive the results of these tests via email.
6. Contest registration – 8:00a to 9:15a
7. The Black Jar Honey Contest award will occur at 3:30p – must be present to win.

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