Jump Starter Program

The Jump Starter Program is a partnership between The Beekeepers of Indiana (TBoI) and the local clubs. The program’s goal is to assist the local clubs with getting more people involved in beekeeping. The local club will select a new beekeeper to represent the club for the calendar year and submit an application to the Jumper Starter Committee. If you are interested in this program, contact your local club.

A member of the Jump Starter Committee will deliver one kit to the participating club(s) during a meeting for use by the selected applicant.

Program Rules

  • The applications will come from the local club only. An application submitted by an individual will not be accepted for consideration.
  • The deadline to submit an application each year is January 31.
  • To be eligible, applicants must be new beekeepers and a current member of TBoI.
  • A mentor must be provided by the local club for the new beekeeper. The mentor must be a member of TBoI with at least 3 years’ beekeeping experience.
  • The local club may submit one application per year.
  • The Jump Starter Committee will review applications. The Chairman will notify the local club following approval of the application.
  • Decisions of the Jump Starter Committee are final.
  • The mentor and new beekeeper will be required to provide a written report and pictures to their Regional Director. Failure to comply will forfeit eligibility for the club for the following calendar year. The Regional Director will submit the reports to the Board of Directors before each TBoI quarterly board meeting.
  • If the new beekeeper (award recipient) becomes disinterested, the local club will be responsible to find another new beekeeper to use the equipment. Should this action become necessary, the local club will submit the name of the replacement new beekeeper to the Jump Starter Committee and Regional Director.
  • The Board of Directors is required to vote on the continuation and funding of this program at the third quarter board of directors meeting each year.

Equipment provided by TBoI to selected applicants

Provided by the applicant’s Local Club

Hive Bodies – unassembled
Frames and foundation (plastic or wax), unassembled
100    Support Pins with plastic foundation
1        Screen bottom board
1        Entrance reducer
1        Inner cover
1        Wood & Metal Telescoping Cover
1        Quad Top Feeder
1        Smoker
1        Bee Brush
1        J–hook hive tool

1        Package of Bees
1        Protective Clothing
1        Mentor

2024 Club Participants

Beekeepers of Southwest Indiana
Greene County
Indy Southside Beekeepers
Mississinewa Valley Beekeepers

North Central Beekeepers
Southeastern Indiana Beekeepers
Whitewater Valley Beekeepers

For more information, contact:
Bill Spurlin
8903 East County Rd. 350 S.
Dugger, IN 47848

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