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The TBoI Nominations Committee is seeking nominations for the following positions:

President          Secretary

Regional Directors
Region 1           Region 3           Region 5
Director-at-Large – 3 positions

The elections will be held at the Fall Conference in October! For more information, click here.


Heartland Apicultural Society – Aug 23-24 in Wooster, OH – SAVE THE DATE!! Registration is OPEN! Visit their website for more details!!

TBoI Fall Conference – Oct 25-26 in Ft Wayne – SAVE THE DATE!!
Vendor registrations now being accepted. Visit our page to access the form. 
Online registration for attendees will open on/about 8/21. If you want to register with a hardcopy registration form, those may be mailed now.

For more events and news from National and Regional Beekeeping Organizations, click here!

The goal has been met – let’s keep it going!

We need your help! Congressman Kelly Armstrong from North Dakota has introduced legislation to address many of the concerns our industry has had for many years. The bill is the Honey Integrity and Verification Enforcement Act (HR 4764). Passage of the Hive Act is very important to ALL U.S. honey producers… large & small!

Click here to sign the petition started by Commercial Bee Supply! The goal is to collect 5,000 signatures… let’s help them surpass that!

For more information, click here to access our “News you can use” page.


If you are looking for specific information and can’t find it, please contact the TBoI Secretary.

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