Indiana State Fair

The Beekeepers of Indiana booth at the Indiana State Fair!
August 2 thru August 18

Plan now to participate at the Indiana State Fair! Bring your labelled honey and hive products to sell at the fair. Our GOAL is to have as many different TBoI beekeepers’ honey and related products available as possible!

If you will sell honey- or honey-related products at the State Fair, click on the following links and get familiar with the requirements.

Proceeds for honey-related products brought to the fair for sale are divided as follows:
– 10% to the State Fair
– 10% to TBoI Programs with a portion divided among the local clubs who work the booth
– 80% to the beekeeper

Requirements overview…  these do not replace reviewing the applicable compliance guidelines linked above.

  • You must have a State Wholesale certificate and conform to the guidance document or be certified by your local health department or to sell honey.
  • Honey MUST be from Indiana-based hives.
  • Labels must have Name, weight and contact information including phone number.
  • Producers take total responsibility for warranty/complaints of their products.
  • Honey must be the main sweetener in all food products and you must have a certificate showing you’re approved by the health department for each product.
  • You must bring an extra bottle of honey to be used for taste testing.
  • Place all inventory in a stackable box with all 4 sides marked with your name and the contents of the box.
  • You must work at least one shift during the fair or setup.
  • You must be a member in good standing of The Beekeepers of Indiana.
  • All product must be in new containers… no repurposed containers will be accepted.
  • You must comply with Indiana State Law.
  • Non-Food hive products may be sold without a certificate.

Volunteers to support the TBoI booth are needed – whether you are an individual or local club. It’s a great opportunity to meet other beekeepers and have a great time. Shifts are from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30p.m. OR 2:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Talk about beekeeping with fair goers

Help find the Queen in the Observation hive

Work and have fun doing it!!!

Meet and visit with other beekeepers

Assist in booth operations

See the State Fair

Sample and sell TBoI members’ hive products

Sell honey ice cream

Get a free pass for admission to the fair

Present beekeeping topic on stage

Help at the demonstration area

Members can sell their honey and hive products

If you cannot work when your club is scheduled but would like to volunteer, we could use some help on the open dates or Sunday, August 18. 





Friday, Aug 2

Putnam County

Steve Hill

Saturday, Aug 3


Jeff Montag

Sunday, Aug 4


Greg Peterson

Tuesday, Aug 6

White Lick

Dale Turner

Wednesday, Aug 7

Indy Southside

Steve Pryor

Thursday, Aug 8

Community & Shelby

Cheryl Strawhacker

Friday, Aug 9


Peg Murphy

Saturday, Aug 10


Leslie Bilyeu

Sunday, Aug 11

Putnam County

Steve Hill

Tuesday, Aug 13

West Central

Patricia Jones

Wednesday, Aug 14


Greg Peterson

Thursday, Aug 15

Greene County

Randall Burcham

Friday, Aug 16

White Lick

Dale Turner

Saturday, Aug 17


Martha Jackson

Sunday, Aug 18

TBoI Board

Robert Duffy

For more information contact:
Robert Duffy Ι 317-726-6122 Ι
Kristy Dooley Ι 812-201-6836 Ι
Lacy Dooley Ι 812-208-3352 Ι
Patricia C.W. Jones Ι 765-463-3050 Ι
Kerry Werst Ι 317-443-1485 Ι

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